The Magic of Horses

Horses – I know, right?!  But they make for thrilling fun stories which inspire, exhilarate, teach and take us to places we would never have expected.

The magic of horses has fascinated us for millennium, they’ve appeared in myths, cave drawings, hero tales, children’s stories, fiction, film, language and art. Mysteriously, they have always been a source of wonder and excitement to young children. They are a constant in many peoples’ lives, simply because horses enrich the fabric of it with their generosity and willingness to engage.

A Horse Whisperer friend of mine who has extraordinary talent, always says when asked about his whispering; they speak to me, they tell me their problems. And having seen him work, I believe him totally and unreservedly. However, the question for me isn’t why they speak to him (although it is amazing and another story!) but rather why they don’t speak to the rest of us, or if they do, why most of us don’t hear them? As a writer I guess the essential thing is our ability to communicate effectively within the world that surrounds us to discover the magic and wonder sometimes hidden there.

Horses appear in all my novels in some way and I write in different genres to keep my ideas fresh – so please feel free to read a partial of each my novels which appear in the tabs above and let me know which ones you like and why.

The laugh-out-loud YA/teen novel, TEAM UP has been released! The first novel in the fun YA/teen Wattle Hill Equestrian series with the second one being written currently which is very exciting.  This series should appeal to all ages, so please feel free to check it out on Smashwords – Team Up by Elizabeth Alexander.

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Cheers Elizabeth