Horses and more horses!

A life surrounded by horses and then more horses…what a rich and interesting life it is!

The novels I’ve written include the YA mystery Wattle Hill Equestrian Series which has Hetta, JJ, Theo and their parents Hots and Cam and their wonderful horses solving mysteries amid a frantic showjumping life; the hilarious comic crime series called the Easter Lilley Files set in Melbourne Australia and the historical fantasy epic fiction, The Goddess Blessing, set in Eire in 90 AD where myth merges with fact and gods, goddesses, druids, kings and queens are in turmoil for the right to rule amid dark magic, politics, corruption and all encompassing love and passion.

Please feel free to check out the sample chapters of each of the first novels of their respective series and do let me know which you like best and why.

Cheers Elizabeth  xx