Animal Connections

TeamUp_ElizabethAlexander_1800x2400As a rider and trainer I believe all animals, but particularly horses, come into my life for a reason. As a writer I like to explore that reason. Some of the questions I ask myself are:  Why do certain  animals come into my life?  How does that impact my life?  How do I impact the animal’s life?

I guess that’s what writing is all about, exploring notions and ideas that intrigue. There are some horses that have appeared in my life with total disregard for my bank balance – and I have assumed their purpose has something deeper to convey.  May be their role is to encourage our self awareness along, to provide life questions and answers, or perhaps to simply show us how much fun can be had together.

Whatever the reason, the exploration of the horse’s story is the initial part of the journey.  The longest part of the journey is probably the exploration of the horse/rider engagement and its development into a dancing partnership regardless of discipline.  The final stage of the journey is experiencing a horse-driven life understanding.

That’s the legacy horses willingly whisper to us on a daily basis.  Our job is to listen carefully.

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