The magic of horses!


Horses are absolutely magical!  They serve us so willingly even when we treat them less than we should. They know how we feel well before we even get within touching distance,  our emotions become their emotions which  is pretty magical. And which is why some horses give more to some riders than others.  A good trainer will empty his mind of all his personal stress and drama as soon as he thinks about working with a horse.  And the horses respond with curiosity, excitement and anticipation about the connection that is about to happen. Anything less, then we are not doing our job as respectful custodians of the mythical wonder of the horse.

All of my novels reflect this and I can think of no better way to show readers what is possible within a supportive horse and rider relationship – and it is totally magical!

TEAM UP has been released! The first novel in the fun YA Wattle Hill Equestrian series with the second one being written currently which is very exciting.  This series should appeal to all ages, so please feel free to check it out on Smashwords – Team Up by Elizabeth Alexander.;jsessionid=2B6064E729B7CC92ADC1E4BFB7FAE018.prodny_store01-atgap02?ean=2940154448922


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