We do it because …

When you ask a creative why they do what they do, you usually get a dreamy-eyed expression a moment before they answer, and you have your answer right there.

I have a life long passion for horses and am a healer at heart so I guess I’m hard-wired to  show how horses enrich our lives, often beyond our belief.  And more incredibly each horse contributes to our inner life in a different way which is the real magic I believe. Some horses bring joy, some show us wonder, others make it tough enough to prove how important daily determination and perseverance is.  Most have different learning styles which ensures lessons in patience and clear headedness, others can be a little irrational which make us consider our skills and suitability – each horse is unique and appears in our life for a reason. That reason is not always immediately clear but at some point it will become so, which is another bit of magic!

I also believe that as riders and owners, we are interested in equine fiction that is relevant with correct details ie written by a horse person maybe!  And I believe kids are entitled to good fun horse stories that engage.  Please if you know of any kids who you think would like to read a new horse series, please share 🙂  There’s more to come!

TeamUp_ElizabethAlexander_1800x2400TEAM UP has been released! , Please feel free to check it out on Smashwords – Team Up by Elizabeth Alexander.

Competition is always tough to get into the Wattle Park College show jumping team to compete in the Victorian State School Championships. But when Hetta and JJ discover their arch enemy Savannah has unexpectedly purchased an expensive new show jumper, the competition toughens up considerably! Savannah’s motive is clear but when the new horse proves himself a dangerous acquisition, Hetta and JJ know Savannah has put herself and the team’s performance in jeopardy. Can Hetta and JJ rescue Savannah and save the team or will their arch enemy’s actions destroy Wattle Park’s chance of success in the Victorian Schools Show Jumping Championship?


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