I learned …


What I learned in my two writing courses was enormous fun, very thought provoking and provided amazing skills. As an educator and writer I thought I had a pretty good grip on story telling but turns out it was more intuitive story telling that actually understanding what a good story needs to become … well … a great story!

Turns out there is an overwhelming need for conflict – and as one teacher told us – the quicker that is shown the better and that would be in the first page preferably! Because it asks a quest and without this the story is flat and no one wants a flat story. Back in the day, I went to a brilliant seminar and where the famous writer asked something along the lines of – what will the main character lose physically? What will the main characters lose emotionally? Every good story has an outer conflict and an inner conflict. The Bourne Identity – the outer conflict, can he survive? The inner conflict is centred around who he really is and most importantly, does he really want to know the truth about that person? The deep inner conflict is where the gold lies they tell us!   Get to it folks!




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