My writing journey

writiing 1

Every writer’s journey is unique – this is mine.

As an educator I’ve always created story, as a qualified riding coach and trainer, I’ve always loved to share my experience – so I decided some years ago that I wanted to combine the two and write fictional horse novels – my next trick will be…duh duh!

Being naive, I discovered the local writers network was closed to me – no real cred despite having a few award winning short stories and many journalistic articles. And despite spending a ridiculous amount of time helping writer friends with their equine storylines I realised I helped them heaps but they couldn’t help me. Not because they didn’t want to but because they were too busy writing, meeting deadlines, trying not to sabotage their publisher/writer relationship by recommending a nong like me, and searching for their next gig like it was the lost city of Atlantis

I had to move on, so valuing education I returned to uni to complete not one but two writing courses in the hope that my skills would double and had a fabulous time learning. After having my YA novel Team Up assessed as pretty good by those in the know apparently, it was edited and presented proudly to some local publishers who all agreed, they already had an excellent YA author on their books – likely one of the mates I’d helped so much!! – and that the novel was too niche. Another brick wall, just as well I’m riding tough!

Five years passed. Writing is a solitary business, but I was busy riding young horses, coaching and doing a bit of writing while indy publishing was just beginning to hit its straps. A few months ago, I decided it was finally time to do something creative with my work so I began the research of publishing a novel. Another Get Tough moment, it was big!

Essentially, what I discovered was, that you can try and get your novel published traditionally or you can publish your novel with a distributor like Smashwords or upload it directly to a seller like Amazon and it will cost you either nothing or very little. Now hasn’t that been a game-changer!

So for all you writers out there working alone, let’s get some action happening by sharing info or just encouraging each other. You can follow my blog Elizabeth Alexander at WordPress or my author’s site Elizabeth Alexander Equine Author on FB to discuss some of this stuff. See you there!


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