Trouble in paradise!


Last week the weather was great so I was busy playing with my horses and did not write much.  This week was wet, cold and miserable and although I was inside mostly, I wrote even less.  Considering it, the common denominator was – I did not write much – despite the weather, life events, the position of the planets and my cooking skills.

Why you ask, especially as I had the opportunity?  The perennial question for many writers when they can’t find the inclination to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard!  The answer is, I didn’t have anything to say.  My sequel to Team Up had been going so well at approx 40,000 words out of the 60,000 expected words to be finalised.  I suspected the problem was based around the plot.  Or maybe it was the motivation of the main characters or the conflict or the inciting incident or…  Something wasn’t clear enough or strong enough to drive the story forward.

The question then became; what did the main characters really think was worth fighting for?  Their friendship, each other, their horses, their life choices…the list went on. Once I decided what they would all fight for, against all odds, the story began to move.  I suddenly had something to say although I had to go back to the beginning.  A first draft is just words on paper after all.


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