You write what…?


…Young Adult or teen horsey novels…yep, that’s what I write!  Very possibly I’m delusional, but I firmly believe that there is a market and it’s not small or too niche to find an entry point into despite publishers telling me there wasn’t.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is – or to be more exact – my words where they can be seen by all – which is a little daunting when you’re going up against experienced publishers, but it’s done and dusted now!  Time will tell if my unicorn and I are wrong or if there is a horsecentric YA/Teen market out there ready for some new work especially from The Wattle Hill Equestrian Series, starting with Book One – TEAM UP.

Please pass on if you know of a riding teen reader who will be interested.  TEAM UP is avail on Amazon and Smashwords.




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