I dare you!


I love this new publishing world!

Back in the day, you followed your passion, you wrote, you engaged, you edited, you worked harder, you worked smarter and at the end of it – you sent your mss out for someone else to judge. That person’s positive judgement meant your work got published and that was big.  Very big.  After all it was your career start.

But the majority of writers experienced rejection and still do, and often for valid reasons. And back then, there was little else you could about it other than vanity publish which was often expensive.  But certainly doable. Once rejected, you could rewrite and edit more, but there was little chance of a review by the same publisher.  Actually, I was once accepted by a well known publisher.  In a face to face meeting I was asked for edits which I frantically did during a Christmas holiday break and then my work was rejected without anyone even reading it again.  At the time I wished I’d had taken that much needed holiday break instead!

Today, you can take your written work and self publish it on one or many of the various platforms that sell ebooks.  It’s vanity publishing without the expense.  Now, it’s called more nicely, indy publishing.  And what fun it is!  You can get your work out and let the market decide if it is acceptable or not.  I love it!


2 thoughts on “I dare you!

    1. Exactly! When you had your work vanity published, you had to pay for the actual printing of say 4000 books costing more than $20k which was a lot in my view to see how wrong a publisher might be in terms of selling your work. Now it costs you an editor and a front cover designer. The rest is free so let’s rock and roll I say!

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