As an indy writer and publisher …


I was recently asked to write a Guest Blog for Christine Meunier about my experiences as an indy author and publisher which she has put up on her fabulous Equine Authors site.  You can read it here:

I’ve written before about how chuffed I am at the developments within the publishing industry which enables writers an alternative to traditional publishing and although I’m relatively inexperienced in this, I have learned a lot.  And I continue learning every day as I make a sale or ten!

I had thought I’d be happy with just publishing my work, but it turns out that the greatest thrill has been the sales.  In that it demonstrates the time, effort and faith you put into your work was worthwhile.  And when I think about it, it’s way too similar to working with a young horse, the time, effort and faith you put into him gives you a huge buzz when he begins to develop.  “What a feeling!” 


TEAM UP by Elizabeth Alexander avail on Amazon and Smashwords.





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