Team Up – a great review!

This is another great review!  This time from Tacey Raye, a keen YA reader and reviewer for all things horse related!  Many thanks to Tacey who is a young adult, nice to know when things work for your audience 🙂

The author of this book was awesome enough to send me a review copy and I’m so glad she did. This is a YA Novel about a group of teenagers involved with competitive show jumping. I had so much fun with this story. It has an interesting mystery element which I love, however there really wasn’t a definite conclusion to that portion of the storyline.
I found the characters to be very relatable especially for younger teens, and aside from some minor language used the whole thing was very clean.
There were several points when I found myself nearly laughing out loud at different things that were said. I love the message of teamwork and doing what’s right in this novel. Overall I loved TEAM UP and I am so glad 😁 I read it. I’m excited to read the next book in the series!!!
Rating: 4.5





TEAM UP has received a great review from equine author Christine Meunier of!  Get your copy now on Amazon!!

Team Up by Elizabeth Alexander

Recently I was contacted by Elizabeth Alexander to see if I would review a copy of her young adult equestrian fiction, Team Up. No surprises on my answer!

Team Up by Elizabeth Alexander

Team Up by Elizabeth Alexander

Team Up follows the lives of a group of young teenage show jumpers in Australia. Most of them ride because they love their horses, the thrill of jumping and being able to compete and challenge themselves. This is definitely the case for Hetta, JJ, Marcus and Theo. It could even be said of their close friends Chance and Ruby. However, Savannah’s motivations to ride appear to be from another world. Horses are all about prestige and blue ribbons.

This wouldn’t be an issue for the others.  Except of course that there is a limit to four people on the school’s show jumping team. And it seems that Savannah is determined to get on the team.  This is in spite of her lack of ability or a suitable mount.

The likelihood that she will succeed in qualifying is of no concern to the others.  Why should it when they’ve been on the winning team twice, qualified as the emergency rider or been on the second team representing their school. This year however, the rules have well and truly changed and Savannah’s determined to get her wish.

As the qualifying rules are changed and Savannah acquires a new mount, Hetta and JJ find some things don’t add up. When show horses start getting stolen and sold on to unsuspecting new owners, they find another mystery in the show jumping competition world. Team Up is a great look at teenagers working together for a common goal, dealing with bullying and learning to find the whole story. An added bonus is the authentic horse information as the story unfolds. The story has a wide cast of adults and teens and features horses heavily.

Author – Elizabeth Alexander
Fiction – young adults
In my library – as an eBook it is.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

Get your copy now on Amazon 🙂




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