How do you school your horse?


I had this discussion earlier today.

Friend: There is a lot going on when I school my horse.

Me: Really?  I set it up, ask, and wait for the horse to do it.

Friend: I’m working all the time, I use my legs, body and hands to get and maintain what I want the horse to do.

Me: I assess every stride, but only correct if the horse is wrong, otherwise I leave the horse alone.

Friend: How do you ensure it’s going to be always correct then?

Think about the answer 🙂




Who is training whom?


I’ve been going through some of my old saves and found this one suggesting that better dressage riders are trained by their horses rather than the other way around.

I like this concept a lot. The article goes on to say that if the rider is very aware of their body and its position and their mind-set, then they can begin to experiment when they feel their horse is not performing as required – by changing their body position, their weight distribution, aids, expectations and so on, and see how any rider change can improve the horse’s performance.

Playing with the way the horse goes and your own contribution to the whole, is an incredible experience.  It doesn’t take long to realise that you affect the way the horse goes pretty much 100%.  If you ride in a more balanced position, then you horse will be more balanced with increased performance.  Have fun playing with it!


Better and better!


You can feel better either by riding or reading about horses; with writing that makes you smell that soft comforting horse scent, hear the tingle of hoof beats and see a mane and tail flying… grab a copy of TEAM UP from Amazon today and become immersed in the world of the horse!

To all YA/Teen readers!


Finding laugh-out-loud Young Adult/Teen horse books suitable for readers between 12 and 25 is not that easy, especially with a mystery story line and fun riders and horses who feel like you know them.  TEAM UP is the first book of the Wattle Hill Equestrian Series, the second book is not due for release until early next year.  Grab your copy of TEAM UP now from Amazon.

It’s all in the mind


This is so true for horses 🙂  They wear their heart on their sleeve so to speak, their facial and body expressions tell you everything you need to know in terms of their thoughts and moods.

Ground work is new to this owner’s young horse despite having already commenced his show career.  He was surprised initially; I wanted him to consider my requests, take his time, offer a few alternatives to the question, eventually hit on the correct answer, be rewarded and continue calmly.  He showed me that he’d never been led going to the right, he’d never trotted on a lead and that when he didn’t know the answer immediately, he should go forward fast which he knew always pleased his handlers. Once he realised that it was not the strategy I was after, he stopped, thought about the specific request, took his time with various answers until he hit on the correct one, was rewarded and then softly and calmly continued with the lesson.  A big win win for both of us.

I know that it took a lot of clear and consistent asking and the nuances mattered, but sometime during the first five minutes, it became a mind thing for him.  He engaged in the process, he enjoyed the challenge, it wasn’t a rote experience for him, it was a thinking experience, a fun experience. His body language changed completely, as his confidence and enjoyment in the challenge rose.



I have passion!


What lights our fire is what drives us, whether that’s riding, training, coaching or writing.  Once you acknowledge your passion, the requirements you need to achieve it are magically discovered!

TEAM UP – another great review!

This is another great review!  This time from Tacey Raye, a keen YA reader and reviewer for all things horse related!  Many thanks to Tacey who is a young adult, nice to know when things work for your audience 🙂

The author of this book was awesome enough to send me a review copy and I’m so glad she did. This is a YA Novel about a group of teenagers involved with competitive show jumping. I had so much fun with this story. It has an interesting mystery element which I love, however there really wasn’t a definite conclusion to that portion of the storyline.
I found the characters to be very relatable especially for younger teens, and aside from some minor language used the whole thing was very clean.
There were several points when I found myself nearly laughing out loud at different things that were said. I love the message of teamwork and doing what’s right in this novel. Overall I loved TEAM UP and I am so glad 😁 I read it. I’m excited to read the next book in the series!!!
Rating: 4.5