Team Up


TEAM UP has been released! The first novel in the fun YA Wattle Hill Equestrian series with the second one being written currently which is very exciting.  This series should appeal to all ages, so please feel free to check it out on Smashwords – Team Up by Elizabeth Alexander.;jsessionid=2B6064E729B7CC92ADC1E4BFB7FAE018.prodny_store01-atgap02?ean=2940154448922


It’s the big reveal,” JJ whispered with a cheeky grin.

Smiling, I glanced at him. At 3.45 Friday afternoon I should’ve been pedalling home to get my horse, Murphy, ready for the Jumbunna Agricultural Show, not that he required much other than a brain transplant instead I was sitting in a noisy filled-to-capacity classroom waiting for Lily Jones, our Communications teacher, to arrive to finally give us the information we’d been waiting for.

Our selection into the school show jumping team.

Lily had elected herself this year’s manager of the Wattle Park College’s show jumping team which was to compete at the State School Show Jumping Championship Qualifier in two weeks time. The Championship was an annual event and Qualifiers were held around the state with the winners and runners’ up competing at the final. Teams consisted of four riders and two emergencies and I’d been part of the winning team for the last two years along with my best friend JJ and my brother Theo, Marcus Culpepper and emergencies, Chance Simpson and Ruby Whittaker.

“Bring it on,” I whispered.

“In your dreams,” mouthed Savannah Williamson from the other side of the room. As she was my arch enemy I ignored her.

I smiled, “My dreams involve a large blue sash with gold writing,”

“Hey,” added Theo, “That’s what we’re talking about!” His new favourite saying as he high-fived me. “Third time lucky!”

Glancing around the room, I saw JJ and Marc were discussing something with Ruby, I hoped it was the Communications assignment, The Value of Integrity in Our Society which was due in a couple of weeks because I hadn’t even thought about it and JJ would soon be asking me to check his attempt.

JJ; think, tall, going to be taller, lean, very short medium brown hair that had never seen product and dark blue eyes that were often squinted from his riding in all weather, pretty much always good natured and laughing. Marc; think gorgeous looks, sweeping blonde hair, smouldering grey eyes, tallish and buffed, fave of the girls from Year 7 upwards. Ruby was petite, 10/10 in blingy joddies, long thick dark hair caught in a plait and chocolate coloured eyes with eye lashes that film stars would’ve been jealous of and a matching wide smile with dimples. She was the total fashion statement.

Chance was sitting near me quietly writing in a notebook. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Chance was the opposite of Ruby, she was tall and thin with a preference for clothes that too often involved fluro, and showing off long blonde hair that curled and curled despite the bands she used to keep it in order, Her dark green eyes were either filled with humour or narrow with concentration which they were now. I didn’t have many friends, close or not, other than JJ but Chance was one, along with Ruby. Now think me; fashion disaster, frizzy hair, no idea of much other than horses and a total show jumping junkie.

A few desks over, Savannah Williamson was gaily chatting on her hot pink iPhone There was the trouble right there; the local glamour girl with a passing interest in riding because it showed off her wealth. Her looks were expensive – blonde curling hair that dipped and dived down her back despite the school regulations stating it had to be pinned back, a pert nose, superb skin, toned and tanned, filigree gold jewellery to match her large hazel eyes and a pouting expression that was too often the result of not getting her own way. Think me; bitchy as a result of The Sav giving me unwarranted grief for all of my school life.

It was hard to know with Savannah how much of her was real and how much had been designed but she hadn’t been in either of the last two winning teams because her horse Rocket wasn’t up to the job. Despite that, here she was smiling and laughing like she belonged and I should’ve been worried but I wasn’t, she just couldn’t ride well enough to be included in any team that involved show jumping. And that was that.

To be continued ….