The Goddess Blessing

A fantasy historical fiction series set in Eire around 100 AD, a time of powerful druids, warring kings and vengeful gods with the promise of wealth and fame to those who prevail.

Céad Míle Fáilte to this time …. where fable and fact merge!

Eire is in turmoil; the provincial kings and their armies are fighting, the High King’s army is in disarray as Fedlim Rechtmar’s power slips and betrayal, politics and corruption rises, when those seeking the kingdom and the power it entails grasp their opportunity.   The High King is trying all within his power to regain the peace and wqealth that was Eire in seasons past, but it will take intervention from the gods and a queen from a distant land to ensure his survival and that of his nation.

The legendary warrior Conn Cead Cathach has fought many battles and his future as the High King of Eire is secure until he is betrayed by those closest to him which forces him into one last battle that he is sure to lose until he discovers the sourceress who will bring him the gift of unconditional love. Unfortunately she vanishes before he can ultimately consolidate all he has fought for in his icy realm.

Eithne knows lust and passion, love and hatred only too well for her destiny has been controlled by men in their pursuit of her beauty and the power to rule. Now she is set on revenge and her retribution will bring an ancient nation and one king to the edge of destruction.

Lasair discovered her magical skills in the Steppes and mountains of the Amazon Plain in her father’s kingdom of Scythia which has been invaded by the Roman army. She sees no reason to leave her family’s desperate fight for survival to travel to the distant island of Eire to save a nation and its High king from destruction wrought by a desperate woman.

As daughter of Conn Cead Cathach High king of Eire and the Scythian High Priestess Lasair, Aine has no idea that her heart will take her on a journey which exposes her very soul. In her determination to find a love to heal the rifts within her father’s dying nation, she discovers the same love will destroy all she and her family values.