The Easter Lilley Files

Easter Lilley is a florist without a job; she is also a horse owner, an employer, a detective agency principal and a detective by default which is not surprising as she inherited all of this from her lying ex husband in the dodgiest divorce settlement in the country if the lawyers bills were any indication.  Due to his illegal activities and her own stupidity she is forced to  keep the detective agency functioning along with her odd-ball employees – including the mysterious Dash with his buffed body and NSW Police Force connections, the amazingly hot Jenni-Mae whose CV contains only a photo of herself in a stunning electric blue swimsuit with a phone number, and the techno geek Edward Pontifax III, who appears to work for ASIO, although he may not –  to pay back some of the ex’s debts, all the while wondering why she didn’t torch the joint, collect the insurance and bolt for a tropical island with her dog, the gorgeously scruffy Poppy!

A hilarious comic crime caper novel for readers who like pace and action.