Wattle Hill Equestrian Series – YA/Teen readers

Henrietta and JJ, along with their families are horse mad! There is Hetta’s brother Theo, who rides a cheeky black and white galloway called Quiz and Hetta’s mum who is universally known as Hots due to her flaming red hair and JJ’s father Cam, his grandfather old Jimmy and his younger brother and friend of Theo’s called Hamish.  They team up with a group of school friends including Savannah Williamson, Hetta’s arch enemy and school cool group leader, to help solve local mysteries while exploring their rural countryside which is under threat of being subdivided into high density housing which challenges the very fabric of their life.

TEAM UP has been released! The first novel in the fun YA Wattle Hill Equestrian series with the second one being written currently which is very exciting.  This series should appeal to all ages, so please feel free to check it out on Smashwords – Team Up by Elizabeth Alexander.